Examples And Testimonials about Martin Analytics

The following are a few of the comments we have received from clients about our service. I am particularly proud of the number of property owners who ask us to regularly review the assessments on their entire portfolios and consistently return to us each year as they add properties.

“You did a great job, I will tell every patient about you! Thank you very much!”
Guanhu Yang L.Ac., Ph.D
Acupuncture Wellness Center of Cincinnati and Mason
5887 Cornell Road, #4, Cincinnati, OH 45242
Annual Savings: $2,150

“Thanks so much! – Got the refund check today (10/9) We have passed your name onto our neighbors. Great doing business with you!”
Donna Bambach
5818 Harborpoint Cincinnati, OH 45248
Annual Savings: $501.22

“Thank you so much for your services. Without your help I couldn’t have made the changes. Living on a fixed income isn’t easy. You’ve made my life better.
Thanks for all your help.”
Dorothy A. Schreiber
3219 Wardall Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45211
Annual Savings: $1,120

“The integrity that you bring to this process is incredible. Don’t hesitate to use me for a reference.”
Dave Weisshaar
8391 Wycliffe Cincinnati, OH 45244
Annual Savings: $1,260

“I received the refund check from the county just a few days after receiving notification from the county. Thanks again for your service. I am VERY pleased!”
Dan Wells
6297 Stonewall Fairfield, OH 45014 &
3381 Palmhill, OH 45239
Annual Savings:$2,044

“Thank you for the prompt reply regarding our real estate tax reduction. We appreciate your hard work and will certainly recommend you to friends and family.”
Sally Roberts
546 Chaswil Cincinnati, OH 45255
Annual Savings: $1,845

“I think you have a great service, and I’m 101% pleased. Again, GREAT job!”
Eugene Stallworth
(9 investment properties including:
3723 Wieman
3540 Evanston
5730 Carothers)
Annual Savings: $7,502

“Great news, thank you!”
Josh Aalberg
3449 Berry Cincinnati, OH 45208
Annual Savings: $918

“Good to hear about the reduction. Can you petition for the other issue with I-75?”
Sridhar Koduri
Travelodge Motel
11171 Dowlin Drive Cincinnati, OH 45246
Annual Savings: $15,182

“I can’t believe it!!!!!!!!!”
Linda Meiser
712 Castlegate #202 Cincinnati, OH 45231
Annual Savings: $800

“I rec’d the certified letter this morning, I’m thrilled!”
Wendy O’Neal
1808 Mears Cincinnati, OH 45230
Annual Savings: $1,000

“This is fantastic! Thank you for all your work.”
Joe Foley
2531 Vera Cincinnati, OH 45237
Annual Savings: $1,275

“Thank you so much for everything. We were very excited to get the letter over the weekend with the good news.”
Archie Ealy & Paula Thomas
3838 Millsbrae Cincinnati, OH 45209
Annual Savings: $1,775

“Thank you very much for your tax reduction services, we are delighted.”
Tom & Ruth Price
12 Hampton Lane Cincinnati, OH 45208
Annual Savings: $5,900

“Thanks for all your help in this area. What a pleasure to know someone who gets the job done.”
Matt Granger
7660 Production Drive Cincinnati, OH 45237
Annual Savings: $2,200

Join the growing number of property owners in Ohio’s Hamilton, Butler, Clermont, and Warren Counties who save money with the risk-free services of Martin Analytics Real Estate Property Tax Reduction Service!