How It Works...

How Martin Analytics Can Reduce Your Property Taxes!

Martin Analytics pulls together the legal, appraisal, and presentation expertise necessary to reduce your real estate taxes and secure a refund for you – on a small one time fee and commission only basis. If we fail to secure a tax reduction, our service is free to you.

In Ohio, real estate is supposed to be assessed for tax purposes at fair market value. The county auditor uses a number of different methods to estimate market value for each parcel of property, but the key in every case is that it’s just an estimate. Even at 90 to 95 percent accuracy, there will still be thousands of value differences in the county.

To contest an over-valuation, a legal complaint must be filed with the county Board of Revision, (BOR). The BOR then schedules a hearing where the property owner or their representative presents evidence for a lower assessment. The auditor’s staff investigates the complaint and also provides testimony before the BOR about the appropriate value for the property. If the decision from the BOR is favorable, the assessed value is reduced, the tax bill is lowered, and a refund of over-paid taxes is issued.

We do all the work – identifying the over-assessment, filing the complaint, documenting the case, testifying at the hearing, providing the legal component – to reduce your taxes. If we don’t save you money, you pay nothing.