Questions and Answers about Martin Analytics Property Tax Reduction Service

Q: Can you give me a little background on Martin Analytics?

A: Martin Analytics is owned and operated by Dave and Tracey Martin and has been in business at the same location since our start in 1988. Originally started as Real Estate Tax Management, we offer services in property tax reduction and income tax analysis and preparation.

Q: What is your rate of success with real estate tax appeals?

A: Once a complaint is filed with the County BOR, (the government agency responsible for hearing such appeals), about 92 percent of them result in reductions and refunds for our clients. In 25 years, we have successfully completed over 5,000 appeals and collectively saved our clients well over $20 million.

Q: This sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?

A: Highly targeted marketing. You have been contacted because we have done the public records research that shows us with about 92 percent certainty that we can cut your taxes. Since we know going in our chances of success are over 90%, we can work on a contingency and make it risk free to you. We’ll fail 5-8% of the time and earn nothing on those, but that’s our cost to cover. The trick or catch is what you don’t see or even think about – the research and analysis we’ve done to put the odds so heavily in your (and our) favor before we ever contacted you. Because of that, we are quite certain that if you allow us, we’ll be able to help you. We can therefore work on a commission basis, which makes it risk free to you.

Q: What are the risks or downside for me as a client?

A: There is no risk; our fee structure takes all the financial risk off you. We’re pretty good at identifying over-assessments and our success rate before the BOR is testimony to our ability to bring our cases to a successful conclusion. If you sign up, there’s a 90-95 percent chance we’ll get a reduction for you. The most common concern voiced by our clients is the length of time the process takes to complete. The BOR schedules and hears the complaints as expeditiously as possible, but the process can still sometimes take six months or more before a refund is in your pocket. It’s not really a downside, just something clients need to be aware of about the process- it does frequently require significant patience on their part.

Q: What is the cost of your service?

A: 50% of the first year tax savings we generate for you, not payable until you have the refund check or reduced tax bill in hand. We pay all other costs. The reduction should be effective for 3 years or more, so our one time fee amounts to about 17% of your total savings over three years.

Q: Do you offer any guarantees?

A: By having us work on a commission basis, you are guaranteed to pay nothing unless we produce a financial gain, (refund and/or lower tax bill), for you. And, we guarantee no payment is required until you have the benefit of our work in hand. We don’t win all the time so we can’t guarantee a reduction will be achieved, however, about 92 percent of the time our clients profit financially from our relationship.

Q: What if I decide to sell the property?

A: Our fees are a percentage of the savings you receive, so if a sale of the property results in either no savings being received by you or a reduced, pro-rated share, our fees drop too. All we ask is that you let us know when the property sells and we’ll determine if you will receive any benefit from continuing the case. If you will get something out of it, we’ll keep the case active and get you at least a pro-rated refund. If the timing of the sale is such that the benefit will accrue to the new owner, we’ll withdraw the case or contact the new owner about assuming your position in our deal. Either way, we will never bill you for a savings you don’t receive.

Q: Will this work if my taxes are escrowed?

A: You will still receive a refund of previous over-payments. Additionally, with a lower tax bill your mortgage holder is required by law to reduce your monthly payment accordingly. Thus, the full benefit will come to you in the form of a first year refund, then lower monthly escrow payments.

Q: How will this affect the value of my property when I want to sell it?

A: The only impact our work will have is to reduce your taxes. The market value, or what a buyer is willing to pay for your property, is not affected.

Q: Can you look into other properties I own?

A: Sure, we do it all the time. We’ll research the public record and give you our opinion as to whether we can save you money or not. Because we work on a commission, we’re only going to accept cases we feel have a good chance of success. But the evaluation for reduction potential is always free.

Q: What counties do you cover?

A: For now, we operate in southwest Ohio. We’ve had the most experience in Hamilton County but also work regularly in Clermont, Butler, and Warren. We have also done a number of cases in Montgomery and Franklin counties.

Q: What’s involved for me if I have you do this?

A: Just give us the go ahead and we take it from there. Specifically:

a) Accept our on-line service proposal.

b) Verify property details through a short questionnaire we provide, (# bedrooms, baths, amenities – deck, finished basement, # car garage – etc.);

c) For some properties, provide closing, tenant, rental, or other requested documents;

d) Be patient while the county schedules your hearing, cash your refund check when it comes, pay our invoice based on the savings, and enjoy lower future tax bills. All of this can be handled by internet, email, postal mail, fax, or in person – whichever you prefer.

The average time involved for clients once they initiate our service is in the range of 10-15 minutes. We’ve really tried to make it as simple and hassle free for our clients as possible and make the return on that time investment the most profitable quarter hour you’ve ever had.

Ready to get started? Just click on the “Start” link above, read the proposal, enter your information on the form below it, and click “Send”. If you have a more specific question not covered here, please find our phone number listed below or click the “Contact” link under “Learn More” .